14 Nov 2017

Lone Star Expands Relations with Vector Risk

Renovatio PR, a Puerto Rico-based fintech incubator has announced it will embark on a joint venture with Vector Risk, an Australian cloud-based risk software solutions company, to develop, operate and sell institutional-level risk management software for cryptocurrencies and tokens issued in initial coin offerings. The new software product is expected to launch in 2018.

Recognized in the “Innovation in Risk Management” category of the FINTECH Innovation Awards 2016 for its Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) solution, Vector Risk makes it easy for banks to perform impact assessments, improve strategic decision-making, and maximize capital efficiency.

Renovatio PR is a conduit that accelerates a startup’s ability to develop innovative solutions. The company applies its fintech expertise to incubate technology, particularly around blockchain and crypto assets, in areas where these technologies serve decentralized applications.

“I am truly delighted about the creation of this joint venture, which will enable us to provide risk-management solutions in the exploding crypto-ecosystem,” said J. Robert “Bo” Collins Jr., Founder and CEO of Renovatio PR. “Through our incubator for entrepreneurs who understand the application of blockchain technology to improve existing methodologies and Vector Risk’s deep capital markets technology expertise, we will help navigate pitfalls and barriers while creating new opportunities for any individual or business interested in taking advantage of this soaring domain.”

“We are proud to join forces with Renovatio PR—combining our leading-edge technology, quantitative excellence and financial risk insight with their cryptocurrency trading expertise,” said Justin Taylor, Managing Director of Vector Risk. “Together, we look forward to elevating and redefining the way cryptocurrency trading risk is measured so investors can explore this new investment opportunity with confidence.”

About Renovatio PR

Driven by blockchain infrastructure and smart contract applications, Renovatio PR is converting classic financial solutions into lucrative business opportunities. By setting a foundation for a new Silicon Valley in Puerto Rico, Renovatio PR is attracting innovative startups and helping them promote their products or ideas to ensure their success. For more information, please visit renovatiopr.com.

About Vector Risk

Vector Risk is an Australian company with customers in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United States that provides cloud-based risk software solutions to banks, hedge funds, government and corporate treasuries. The company’s risk system calculates market and credit risk exposures in real-time. Clients have implemented the system as the engine behind credit limit monitoring, collateral stress testing, market VAR and stress, and CVA. For more information, please visit vectorrisk.com.